Date Night Idea: Painted Kanvas | Lawrence, KS

Painted Kanvas

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. –Vincent Van Gogh

For my 29th birthday (yea…I’d rather not talk about it…) I wanted to step outside my annual dinner-out-with-friends and try something a little different. So I decided to unleash my inner Parisian artist at Painted Kanvas in Lawrence, Kansas.

Painted Kanvas Logo

Painted Kanvas, right off Wakarusa and 15th St., is a locally owned paint and wine studio. The concept is simple: For $35, you walk away with a painting you create with your own hands. With provided canvas and paints, an experienced instructor leads you through the steps to create the painting of the evening.

Because I planned on having 15 to 20 people help me celebrate my birthday, I was able to reserve the studio for a private party (you need a minimum of 10 people) and pick the painting we would work on. In high school, I was obsessed with Vincent Van Gogh so I chose to recreate his infamous “Starry Night.” And although most of my friends cursed me for picking such a “difficult” painting, it was a blast to put together and I thought that everyone’s interpretation of this classic piece was amazing!

Starry Night
{My rendition of Starry Night.}

Starry Night
{My husband’s rendition of Starry Night.}

That was my favorite part about this whole setup—seeing everyone’s artistic interpretation. Even though none of us had picked up a paint brush since high school, we surprised ourselves with how much artistic talent we actually possessed. And while most of us took the process seriously, a couple of my friends just had goofy fun with it. Take my husband for example: He turned his moon into The Man on the Moon then added a horse getting abducted by a UFO to the landscape. I can’t explain his sense of humor.

For private parties, you’re allowed to bring your own food, arrive early to set up and then buy from the bar all night long. Ask friends to arrive early as well, so as to settle in with some drinks before the instructor gets started teaching the two-hour class. Our instructor was fun and super helpful. And even though it’s not a paint-by-numbers situation, she was able to deconstruct each step for us in a way that made sense.

Private parties are not your only option at Painted Kanvas. Check out their calendar to find out which nights are open to the public and which are scheduled for private parties. The calendar even showcases which paintings are scheduled for each night. Pay at the door, grab a drink, pick up a paint brush and unleash your creative side. This is a great place to go with your girlfriends and it would also make for an amazing date night. I definitely plan on going again.


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