How to Throw a Clothes Swap Party

Swap Party

Every two months or so, my girlfriends from college (Rock Chalk!) like to get together and catch up. This month, we decided to do something a little different and throw a clothes swap party.

Because we are constantly asking each other things like “Where did you get that cute blouse?” we decided it would be great to go through our closets, find clothes we no longer wear, bring them to our next get-together and swap. We rifled through blouses, skirts, pants, jewelry, belts, shoes and purses, and we each walked away with a tote bag filled with free clothes. We are so smart.

If you, too, want to throw a clothes swap party, follow these simple rules.

Rules for a Clothes Swap Party

Swap Party

1. Invite a group of friends over to your house who have similar tastes. (Especially the friends in your life who love to shop.)

2. Set a few ground rules: no torn or tattered clothing; bring anything you no longer like, even if you think the item is out-of-date; and bring a minimum set number of items. We didn’t actually include that last rule at our party, but I think we would next time…I’m looking at you Laura. 😉

3. Also ask everyone to bring a couple of tote bags to use to lug home their scored goods.

4. Provide light, non-messy snacks. Our hostess, miss Kimberlyloc, shelled out quite the spread, including popcorn, nuts, chocolate and a chili feast. Serve lighter snacks such as popcorn and nuts before and during the swapping, and save the heavier foods, i.e. chili, for after (as reward for a job well-swapped).

5. Designate a room for wardrobe changes. You will want to try everything on before committing.

6. Also designate a space for showcasing clothes. We spread all of our clothes on a bed (see picture above).

7. Make a clear shopping plan. Here was ours:

Each person showcases what they brought. If you’re interested in it, you say so. A lot of the times, only one person will be interested in an item (granted, there were only four of us), but for cases that more than one person is interested in an item, put it in the communal pile.

Once everyone has showcased what they brought, takes turns trying on what interests you. Sometimes you won’t end up liking what you were initially interested in. Other times you will LOVE what you scored.

If more than one person still ends up loving what they tried on, then you have to “fight” over it. And by fight, I mean rock-paper-scissors. We’re so tough.

8. Finally, have fun! Then donate whatever clothes no one wanted to charity.

What I Scored


From left to right: a cheetah-print top; a basic brown T-shirt; a green and blue striped button-up blouse


From left to right: A blue and white striped blouse with buttons up the back; an orange, white and black striped sweater with pleather elbow patches


From left to right: A black cardigan with sequined pockets; a black and snakeskin peplum top; a pair of studded hoop earrings

Swap Party

From left to right: black and grey tuxedo pants from Banana Republic; a blue and white printed peasant top



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5 responses to “How to Throw a Clothes Swap Party

  1. Nice–looks like you got some nice pieces! I always thought this sounded like fun, but have never gotten around to trying to host one.


    Hehe, this was so fun! Next swap in 6 mos. 🙂

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