Five Friday Favorites

This week, I’ve found myself obsessed with a new fashion trend, and am once again hooked on the Gilmore Girls. What are some of your favorite things this week?

Five Friday Favorites

1. This guide to layers: The Beauty Department’s Language of Layers. I’ve always wondered how to talk with my hair stylist about layers. This guide was super helpful!

2. This fashion trend: jogger pants. When did these become a thing? I love it. They look comfy and chic. Which color should I get; beige or black?

3. This recipe: Open-Face Croque Monsieur

4. This song: Chandelier by Sia. I’ve always enjoyed this song (the music video, especially) but I particularly adored the performance to this song from this week’s Dancing with the Stars (a show I don’t even watch), danced by Maddie Ziegler and Allison Holker, my all-time favorite female dancer from So You Think You Can Dance.

5. This BuzzFeed article: 13 Charts All “Gilmore Girls” Fans Will Understand. It’s very fortunate that Netflix has released the entire series of Gilmore Girls at the same time that I have been going through the series via rented DVDs from the library. So many articles have been written in adoration of this show, and this might just be my favorite one. Who doesn’t love charts? (And who doesn’t love Jess? Team Jess all the way.)


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