Snapshots from the 2012 Warrior Dash | Kansas City, Missouri

While many of you may have found yourself sipping margaritas, scrounging down enchiladas and partying until all hours of the night this Cinco de Mayo, I found myself muddy and worn out.

This past Saturday was the exciting and exhausting Warrior Dash. As I mentioned earlier on my blog, I am working on staying in shape during 2012, so I signed up to participate in this ferocious running series. And boy was I nervous. A 3-mile run? Obstacles along the way? Fire? And worse, a mud pit? I had every reason to be nervous.

But I stuck it out. I trained (as best I could) and quelled my fear of getting dirty (also as best I could). Turns out, I didn’t mind the mud all that much. A 3-mile run filled with cargo nets, ponds, tires, ropes and ladders kind of take the fear out of you—all you want to do near the end is finish the damn thing. So here’s a photo diary of my experience, thanks to my wonderful husband who carried around one of those ancient disposable cameras, taking action shots of me as a “fierce warrior.” (Yes, evidently they still make disposable cameras!)

Next year? Perhaps I’ll try and finish it in a timely fashion. (1:04—not bad for someone who didn’t even know if she could do it.) Enjoy!

{A.J. insisted that we slide down the mud path for a big finish. I think he just wanted to get me as muddy as possible. Oh well. It made for a really cute picture.}

{Chris and Sarah were awarded their medals for being fierce warriors!}

{Team DeBacker, right before the race.}

{Climbing up the walls weren’t the hard part. It was the climbing back down them that freaked me out.}

{Jumping through the tires like a pro … kind of … }

{Going up the incline with all my strength.}

{Ahh! I’m coming at you!}

How was your weekend? Did you participate in the 2012 Warrior Dash? If not, have you participated in any fun running series like it? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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2 responses to “Snapshots from the 2012 Warrior Dash | Kansas City, Missouri

  1. Wow! That looks super intense! It looks like you had fun though!

  2. peytbaldwin

    AJ and that disposable camera got some good pics! Definitely going to have to do this next year.

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