My Travels: A Day at Del Mar Beach | San Diego, California

There’s nothing I love more than walking along a beach. As a midwestern girl, it’s such a contrast from what I’m used to. Although there is beauty in Kansas, it’ so soothing to listen to the movement of the waves, watch the light bounce off the water as the sun sets, and see the interesting daily beach dwellers do their thing. When I visited my family in San Diego this year, they directed me toward Del Mar beach. It’s a small and quiet area that is a perfect place to spend an afternoon to yourself. (I borrowed my cousin’s car to drive up there by myself. Driving in California is scary! Yikes!)

If you visit Del Mar, here are a few spots I insist you check out.

Before you do anything specific, just explore. Walk along the beach and take it all in. (It’s a dog-friendly beach, so be ready to find amusement in locals walking their furry pals around.) There are three beach areas in Del Mar, and I ended up exploring the area south of 15th street. This two-mile stretch, known for its fairgrounds, is beautiful in its simplicity. I walked around, took photos, laid out on a blanket to soak up some sun and read one of my latest reads. If you’re prepared and feeling adventurous (unlike I was that day), go out in the water to surf or bogey board. Rentals are available.

If you’re in the mood to shop, walk a few blocks east of the beach to Camino Del Mar. It’s a fun strip that features adorable eateries, local boutiques and the city’s own Del Mar Plaza. My favorite spot at the plaza was the kitschy store Urban Girl Accessories. It’s filled with trinkets, nautical candles, trendy jewelry, gorgeous stationery, TOMS shoes and many more cute finds. Although I had my eye on an over-sized ring, I ended up buying a paper-bead bracelet made by women in Uganda. (It’s very cute.)

{Courtesy Urban Girl Accessories’ Facebook page.}

I ducked into a couple other stores, one of which sold Chanel purses for a fraction of the price (but still too pricey for my budget). Eventually I wandered into Crêpes & Corks, a super adorable cafe that sold … you guessed it! Wine and crepes! If I wasn’t driving a family member’s car in unfamiliar traffic, I guarantee you I would have treated myself to one glass of red. As it stood, I sprung for a delicious Red, Black & White Crêpe instead. I would have stayed and ate it there, but I wanted to get back to the beach to watch the sun set, then head back to my family’s house before it got too dark. Too bad. Next time I visit I’ll have to go there and enjoy one of their savory crêpes, a glass of red and perhaps a couple of their tapas.

{Courtesy Crêpes & Corks.}

If you want to spend an evening at the beach, hit up Jake’s Del Mar. It’s situated right on the beach, offering breath-taking views for its customers. Get there early or make reservations for good seating, as it is very popular and usually pretty packed. The staff is really nice and the menu versatile. On a different occasion I enjoyed one of their specialty cocktails and the Apple and Candied Walnuts Salad. They have a large grill and seafood selection, as well as a delicious-looking dessert menu.

{Courtesy Active Rain.}

To end my afternoon at the beach, I brought my crepe with me to a park bench and watched the sun begin to set. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Now I will leave you with more pictures of the ocean. And really, who doesn’t want to look at the ocean while sitting at their computer?

What are some of the best beaches you’ve visited? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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