Once in a Sunday Brunch: The Farmhouse | Kansas City, Missouri

{The Farmhouse is located on 300 Deleware St. in Kansas City, Missouri.}

This past Labor Day weekend I found myself in Kansas City on Sunday morning with my husband and some KC-savvy friends. My friend Sarah directed all of us to a cute little eatery she had recently tried called The Farmhouse in Kansas City, MO. This restaurant, located in the river market area (and in walking distance from the City Market), uses ingredients produced or raised on local farms.

The Farmhouse has a uniquely rustic charm. The furniture is dark and sophisticated, the artwork is vibrant and quirky (there were colorful roosters and origami cranes nesting in an overhead branch fixture) and the atmosphere is fun and entertaining. Our server had a bubbly personality, which made the experience all the more fun, and coffee was served in an individual French press.

The brunch menu made my mouth water. There were so many options. Ultimately I decided to order their French toast with peaches and berries, just so long as the husband ordered the Farm Egg Omelet, made with Gruyere, bacon and spinach. We split both our dishes. It was the perfect medley of savory and sweet. The omelet packed just enough flavor and the fruit took center stage in the French toast.

I would definitely make a return visit to The Farmhouse. The owners couldn’t ask for a better location, the food was delightful and the price tag was reasonable. Color me a satisfied customer.

{The Farmhouse had a special brunch menu, just for Labor Day.}

{A couple of our friends came to The Farmhouse just for their coffee, which is served in an individual French press.}

{The atmosphere is very quirky meets rustic charm. I found it very inviting.}

{French Toast with Peaches, Berries and Honey Maple Syrup}

{Farm Egg Omelet: Gruyere, In-House Canadian Bacon, Spinach with hash browns}

{Lamb Sausage Sandwich with hash browns}



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3 responses to “Once in a Sunday Brunch: The Farmhouse | Kansas City, Missouri

  1. It all looks yummy! What I wouldn’t give for a cup of that coffee. Great post, glad you enjoyed your meal. 🙂

  2. i have yet to try the farmhouse. definitely on my list! your pics look really great for this post — did you get a new camera?

  3. @ihearditsyummy Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the blogosphere! I can’t wait to read more of your posts. 🙂
    @kimberlyloc You should definitely try it, and I can come with you. 🙂 It was so good! And thanks! It’s the same camera, I just did some additional photoshop work to them. Use the Boost function from that link I sent you earlier on Facebook, plus the Slightly Lighten function, if needed.

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