Daydreaming of Back-to-School Supplies

Kanrocksas signified the end of the summer for me. For others, the end of summer means back-to-school supplies. For me it means … cool weather. Yup. That’s about it. Ooh, and boots.

Now that I’m an adult, I don’t have the first day of school to either look forward to or dread, depending on my mood. And the thing I miss most? School supplies.

I miss shopping for back-to-school supplies. I miss it dearly. I miss flipping through all the endless folder and notebook possibilities and choosing my six favorites (one for each classβ€”one Lisa Frank folder required), picking a binder that coordinates, stocking up on colorful pens and pencils (Yikes!) and convincing my mom that I needed a few extra supplies not found on the school-approved list. (Colored glue anyone?)

So I’ve decided, why let only the school-bound have all the fun? Even though my office buys me all the (boring) office supplies I need, here are my dream back-to-school supplies.

1. Safari Sunset book keeper by Vera Bradley, $15.

2. Drift Wood Fabric Covered Journal from Barnes & Noble, $14.96.

3. Moustache Clips by Paper Source, $4.95.

4. Classic Tile Page Flags by Paper Source, $5.95.

5. Julep sticky-note pads by Smock, $18.

6. Greenroom Composition NotebooksΒ from Target, $3.99.

7. Romeo & Juliet Pencil Set from Etsy, $6.

8. Greenroom Recycled Expanding 7-Pocket File from Target, $7.99.

9. Pencil Cup in Ikat Chevron by SusyJack, $9.50.

10. Very Berry Paisley notebook by Vera Bradley, $16.

11. Pilot Needlepoint Precise V5 Rolling Ball Pens from Target.



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5 responses to “Daydreaming of Back-to-School Supplies

  1. I really enjoyed the mustache clips! hahaha…awesome.
    Lisa Frank folders, definitely a must-have for back to school season.

  2. Those mustache clips rock! I love back to school shopping. I get a little bit of this every year when the teacher man goes back to school…love playing with all the new classroom supplies! πŸ™‚ xx

  3. So, this post pretty much made me salivate. A bit pathetic, but seriously: I heart school supplies! I remember taking hours and making my parents drive me around to several stores to find the perfect Spacemaker pencil box. And the backpack β€” that was of paramount importance. I have held on to quite a few of my old school supplies. That’s what’s great about them β€” their functionality knows no age!

  4. @Mallory OMG, I adored Lisa Frank folders. You have to watch this new clip I just found. It’s a “biopic” of Lisa Frank. “Teddy bears don’t wear top hats!”

    @kimberlyloc I think I love notebooks the most. It’s the possibility of brilliant ideas being stored away in them that entices me, although most of my notebooks never get filled up all the way.

    @Megan It’s the editor in us. We just adore our editing tools. πŸ™‚

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