What I’m Inspired By: Pinterest

I have a new love in my life and its name is Pinterest. If you have no idea what that is, you’re in for a treat.

Pinterest, a virtual inspiration board, allows you to “pin” and organize your favorite finds on the Internet. Sifting through modcloth.com and come across a dress you want to save for later? Pin it. Reading your favorite blogs and happen upon a DIY project you want to try? Pin it. Looking for dinner recipes and chance upon a delicious Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake recipe you want to bookmark for the future? Pin it! (Seriously, these cupcakes look delicious.)

The best part about this website is that you can follow your friends and browse boards, insuring inspiration every time you log on. And for a blogger like myself, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration.

I’ve created a handful of pin boards, some of which include Styles I Love, For the Kitchen and For the Home. Check them out and make your own. Don’t feel limited to fashion, cooking or home decor boards. You can create any kind you want.

Here are some of my favorite finds that I never would have discovered had it not been for Pinterest.

{These look easy and fabulous. See my pin here.}

{I love this sparkly skirt. Especially paired with a cream button-up blouse. See my pin here.}

{To the left, office inspiration. To the right,ย I love this idea! I need to re-organize my own dresser, and this is adorable. See my pins here, and here.}

{Watermelon Daiquiris? Yes please! I think I’ll make these for my upcoming bbq. See my pin here.}

{Adding memories throughout the year and then reading them on New Year’s Eve. What a cute idea! See my pin here.}

To join Pinterest, request an invitation from a friend or from Pinterest itself. It took me less than a week to receive my invitation from the website and less than a few minutes to get started. I recommend trying it. If you do, please follow my pins. And if the mood strikes, pin some of my blogs to share with your friends!



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6 responses to “What I’m Inspired By: Pinterest

  1. I love Pinterest! I just started out, too, and I’m hooked. So much inspiration, so little time ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Pinterest rocks. Such a fun site.

  3. great site, and a great article -> I’ve already repinned a few of yours!

  4. Jenna

    oh wow this is exactly what I need! thanks!

  5. Thanks for all the great comments everyone! I’m psyched to learn that so many people are Pinterest fanatics like me.

    Jenna, I’m glad I could introduce you to this great website. ๐Ÿ™‚

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