Creative Hosting: Throw a Build-Your-Own Pizza Party

If you’re like me, then pizza parties conjure up memories of AP reading contests in elementary school. (Babysitter’s Club all the way!) But after reading and editing an article from The Herb Companion’s July 2011 issue, “Easy Herbal Pizzas,” I was inspired to host my own pizza party, sans delivery. (It was me, my mom and my niece, but I still call that a party. We’re a wild bunch.)

If you want to host a pizza party like me, buy miniature pizza crusts from your local grocery store (or make your own) and gather a large selection of pizza toppings. Here are the toppings I chose, which were lifted from the Pesto Pizza with Tomato & Eggplant, Asparagus & Crab Pizza with Dill-Chervil Sauce, and Chicken & Spinach Pizza with Fresh Basil & Thyme recipes from “Easy Herbal Pizzas.”

+Tomato sauce
+Shredded mozzarella
+Shredded monterey jack
+Chopped dill
+Chopped chives
+Chopped basil
+Chopped thyme
+Chopped spinach
+Crab meat
+Chopped asparagus
+Chopped grilled chicken
+Sliced mushrooms

Invite family and friends over, prepare a buffet of pizza toppings and preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Guests can build their own unique pizzas and bake their creations for 8 to 12 minutes. Here are the pizzas me and my family made. (No one wanted to add asparagus to their specific pizzas until my husband got home. As soon as he got home he made one with asparagus and crab meat. I didn’t get to take a picture of itβ€”he devoured it fairly fast. :))

{Brandy spread tomato sauce over her pizza and topped it off with both cheeses, grilled chicken, mushrooms, spinach and basil.}

{My mom couldn’t decide, so she spread tomato sauce on half of her pizza and pesto on the other half. Then she added crab meat and mushrooms to one half and grilled chicken to the other. To finish, she sprinkled thyme, chives, basil and both cheeses on the entire pie.}

{I almost copied the recipe for Chicken & Spinach Pizza with Fresh Basil & Thyme verbatim. I spread tomato sauce on my pie and topped it off with grilled chicken, mushrooms, spinach, thyme, dill, basil, spinach and both cheeses.}

What toppings would you provide your pizza party guests with? What kind of pizza sounds good to you? What was your go-to book series for AP reading contests?



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2 responses to “Creative Hosting: Throw a Build-Your-Own Pizza Party

  1. OMG the teacher man and I made pizza last weekend and it was divine! We had a thin layer of garlic olive oil then a thin layer of mozzarella cheese then a spread of fresh sliced peaches, basil, spinach, pancetta and goat cheese. So so so so so good. πŸ™‚

  2. That sounds delicious! Next girl’s day, we should have a pizza party.

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