Kanrocksas: My Music Festival Essentials

My tickets just arrived in the mail!

You may have heard about a little event going on called Kanrocksas. Horrible name; awesome band line-up. Headlining this first ever music festival is Eminem and Muse. I’m also really excited about Girl Talk, Fitz and the Tantrums and Flogging Molly. On August 5 and 6, music fans all over the Kansas City area will be flocking to the Kansas Speedway to roll out their coolers, pitch tents, set up camp and enjoy great music.

Now that my tickets are officially tangible, I’ve started thinking about Kanrocksas and what I will need to bring with meβ€”the essentials. The husband and I don’t exactly agree on what we consider “essentials.” To him, the essentials include water, food, a tent, sleeping bags and, of course, booze. For me? Well …

1. Cute Carry-All by Dannijo

Two days of outdoor fun will require me to tote around water, snacks, money and makeup at all time. To do this, I will need a carry-all that can comfortably be slung across my shoulders without fear of losing it during Muse’s performance. The tribal print on this mini backpack evokes the right kind of mood for a music festivalβ€”free-spirited fun. Unfortunately, this particular bag is $370. So it’s about time to start searching for a less expensive knock-off!

2. Scalloped Shorts by Mod Cloth

I am digging these lightweight shorts; they are perfect for remaining cool during the Kanrocksas heat. The pale pink color coupled with the scalloped edges give these shorts a uniquely feminine touch. I would most likely match these with a white or pastel blouse.

3. Floppy Hat by Ruche

This festival will take place during the dog days of summer, so I need to be wary of the sun. And what better way to do that than with this fashionable straw hat? After pairing with over-sized shades, I’ll be good to go!

4. Comfortable & Chic Sandals by Steve Madden

These colorfully bedazzled sandals look comfortable and perfect for trenching through the crowds of music fans. My only fear would be that people might step on my feet in giddy excitement during a song. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

5. Sunscreen by Badger

This is one of my favorite eco-friendly sunscreens. Environmental Working Group-recommended, this blend is free of nasty toxins. I will be sure to lather up with this every few hours.

Are you going to Kanrocksas? What bands are you most excited to see? And what will your music festival essentials be?


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