DIY: Revamp Your Bookshelves

If you’re looking for a simple way to add color to your living room without committing to one color throughout the entire room, paint the backing of your bookshelves.

I currently have two basic black bookshelves that frame my large bay window. I loved the black, but my assortment of books, memorabilia, my new apothecary jar (now filled with corks from wines my husband and I have tried throughout our relationship) and my black AZ bookends unfortunately blended in. I chose a bright blue (Embellished Blue by Behr) paint color that matches my World Market curtains.

To complete this project, remove everything from your shelves and lay it on its back. Then, tape the sides so as not paint outside the mandated area. Make sure to prime the backing first, then paint with your chosen color. After two coats of paint allow it to dry for a couple of days. If the humidity is thick, your books may get ruined by sticking to the painted area.

If you don’t want to paint your shelves, adhere whimsically patterned wallpaper instead. Whatever you chose, remember to have fun with it.

{Chose a color that suits your personal taste.}

{I chose Embellished Blue because it matches a color in my existing curtains.}

{Store standout knickknacks on your shelves. I keep my favorite books, which include everything from chick lit to sci-fi, souvenirs, like my seashell-embellished heart from Greece, scrapbooks and my apothecary jar.}



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2 responses to “DIY: Revamp Your Bookshelves

  1. Love this, Gina! Way to add a little pop of color and some personality to an otherwise basic bookshelf.

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